Orthodontic Service at ForeverSmiles Dental

Types of Case- Simple, Intermediate, and advanced, including retainers

Initial OrthoStart- $500

Monthly Periodic Payment - $125-$150 per month

Duration of Time Average- 24 to 30+ Months

Provider provides all Orthodontic material and will complete all cases with

six months following up and issuing of warranty of relapse prevention. 

For insurance patients.  Payment is the same and the office will assist in

filling insurance for patients as reimbursement.

For third parties finance, all collection amounts minus the processing fee, and

distribution as above. 

All orthodontic records are to keep and maintained by the owner of the clinic upon completion

All monthly collection is to be divided 50/50 between the owner of the clinic and the provider. 

All orthodontic lab is also 50/50 between the owner of the clinic and the provider.


  1.  Taylor Milton